Welcome to the place where your child can laugh and play, learn and grow, develop friendships and community, and discover God's great love for them. The children's ministry spans from infancy through 6th grade. We use creativity to present the story through music, workshops, puppets, teaching, media and small groups.  Our team aims to inspire wonder, encourage discovery, and realize the power we have through God as we walk through the story of His love and how Jesus was His greatest gift ever. 

There are three opportunities to attend: 9:00 and 10:30am  on Sunday. Our rooms open 10 minutes before the start of each service. We can't wait to meet you!


Along with all the fun your child experiences on a Sunday service, we also hope they leave inspired to discover more about God's love throughout the week. We know a vital part of that ongoing spiritual growth lies in the hands of parents and guardians. Our team is dedicated to finding ways to empower you to take what your child learns at church into conversations around the dinner table and throughout your everyday moments together. We view our relationship with parents as a partnership and are constantly seeking ways to better inform and encourage you.  We strive to partner with parents to lead our children into a thriving relationship with Jesus.



For parents of infants through sixth graders, we have a security process in place. At check-in, parents receive a security sticker that must be presented before the child can be picked up at the end of class. 

We process background checks on all adult volunteers and have a "Never Alone" policy with all children on campus. You will notice we have lots of youth who serve our children. We believe the Lord wants to use young people to further His kingdom, and we see Heritage as a great place of training for our youth.


The joy we get as a result of being a part of children’s ministry is unparalleled. When you serve with us, you get a front row seat to watching the love of Jesus come alive each week through the eyes of a child. Volunteers make Heritage the special place that it is, their presence boosts a child's confidence, makes them feel seen and known, and empowers them to learn and grow in their faith.


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