Elementary (Kindergarten- 5th grade)
We teach our elementary these basic truths:

1.    I Need to Make the Wise Choice

2.    I Can Trust God No Matter What

3.    I am called to love God and others

4.    I can apply God’s word to my life today

At 9:00 Elementary Worship

All elementary is in a large group setting.  We start off with a play time to make it easier for the kids to join in.  When worship starts we walk through the Old Testament, as well as the life of Christ and how he came to save us.  The stories are told in a fun way through puppet shows, animated Bible videos, and skits.  Each Sunday we have a worship time that ranges from silly ‘move-all-around’ songs to quiet worship song and prayer.  Our main goal is to show Jesus’ love to every child that walks through our doors and teach about HIS amazing love for His children.


At 10:30 Bible Class/ Discovery Zone Workshops

This is the small group time for elementary.  They break individual age groups and go deeper into the Bible story they learned in elementary worship.  They have a Small Group Leader (SGL) who picks them up from worship and they travel to that week’s workshop.  Their SGLs are the same leaders every week and are able to start building a relationship with each child.  Each workshop has a teacher who helps bring the story to life in new different ways. 

The Discovery Zone Workshops are:  Art Workshop, Theater Workshop, Bible Dome, Discovery Workshop, Cooking Workshop.