Young Adult Study Group - Sunday 10:15am
Meets in the back hallway of the Children's Ministry wing
Ed Jordan and Rico McLean

Table Talk

Candid discussions about the intersection of faith and life. 




Adult Study Group - Sunday 10:15am
Meets in Room 23
Phil Laster and George Cunningham

The Christian Atheist: Believing in God but Living as if He Doesn't Exist

based from the book by Craig Groeschel



Adult Study Group - Sunday 10:15am
Meets in Room 24
Ronnie White

A Study of the Book of Luke

Looking into the life of Jesus


Gospel of John.jpg

Adult Women Study Group  - Sunday 10:15am
Meets in the Parlor
Various teachers

That You May Believe

The Gospel of John

Week nights

Men's Study Group - Wednesdays 7:00pm
Meets in Room 23
Rusty Moore

Many men lack clarity about what it truly means to be a man. As a result, MANY men are in a state of confusion. They end up disappointed with life and find themselves lonely and drifting. They're comparing and competing focused mainly on trying to keep up with everybody else.

Here's the good news. God has a really clear purpose and vision for us as men that is unique to use as men and He lays it out for us right there in his word. We call it...Authentic Manhood... and it's not only clear, it's inspiring and exciting and motivating.

Great Chapters.jpg

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class - 10:00am

This class meets in room 23
Various teachers

Come join this group of amazing ladies as they learn from God's word together and study the Great Chapter of the Bible. Join us as we look through the eyes and hearts of the people whose stories unfold in its pages.