No one has more potential to influence a child or student than the parent. But a parent is not the only influence a child needs. When the light of the church combines with the love of the home, there is a greater impact than either influence can have alone. At Heritage, we partner with parents in many different ways to see the next generation follow Jesus with their whole life.

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At Heritage, we strive to “Think Orange.”  The idea is simple.  If yellow represents the light of the church, and red represents the love of the family, we desire to combine those influences to create something new and dynamic - Orange. By implementing an Orange strategy, we incite wonder, provoke discovery, and fuel passion in the hearts of the next generation.

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Life is better together. Community is absolutely essential to how we do ministry at Heritage. We want to be a place where every young person knows Jesus because they are connected with a caring adult who knows and exemplifies Jesus and they see others in their own life stage doing the same. Through intentional small groups, Heritage connects kids and students to Jesus, to each other, and to caring adults.

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Using the Orange Strategy, our family ministries work together seamlessly to encourage the next generation to follow Jesus with their whole heart.  Our programing builds upon concepts from birth through high school.  Our gatherings, milestone events, and resources are formatted so that they are familiar from one age group to the next and are age-contextualized versions of what Heritage adults are participating in from small groups to service projects and worship.