So, wondering what is worship at Heritage like? 

First, understand a few basic truths. The goal of our worship is to bring us into the presence of God. We come together as God’s people and worship Him. The "how" of our worship is insignificant, the "who" we worship and praise is the most significant! That being said, here is the "how"...

Heritage has two different worship experiences. On Sunday mornings at the 9am service we use A cappella singing, then at the 10:30am service we use instrumental music. 

A cappella Service:
Churches of Christ have a longstanding tradition of a cappella singing. The pure harmony of voices together is a beautiful thing. We use a blend of contemporary and traditional music working on the principle that how you sing it is more important than whether it is old or new. When it is from the heart, to the God we love, it is a good thing. We use a Praise Team to enhance our worship times together. For parts of the worship service they may be up front with the worship leader. The words to the songs will be on the screens in front. Song Books and sheet music for any songs not in the books are always available at the sound booth in the back of the Family Center. Each week we pray and share a time of communion. You are welcome to join in any part of our worship time that you are comfortable to do so.

Instrumental Service:
We use a worship band along with praise team singers to help lead our instrumental time. You're always welcome to join in or just let the music work on you. Whether the music comes from our voices or the talented hands of our musicians we offer it all up as worship and praise.
Both and...
The different service types and times let people worship in a manner that is more comfortable to their preference. If you have more questions about our worship time together email me and I'll be happy to help.