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Worship Minister

Job Description & Application


Ministry description:

The mission of Heritage Church of Christ is to Lead People into a Thriving Relationship with Jesus Christ by connecting them to God, to One Another, and to Purpose. And, while it is true that every moment of everyday provides opportunity to connect to God, our church’s weekly worship services constitute our primary strategy for connecting with God, together, on a regular basis. Therefore, the worship ministry and its leader(s) is critical to the mission of Heritage.

Heritage Church of Christ is unique in its culture and strategy in that we intentionally utilize two different music styles in our worship services:

  1. Some of our services utilize only acapella singing, while
  2. Some of our services utilize a 7+ member praise band

As such, the Worship Minister position on the Heritage staff requires a leader capable of managing and functioning in both musical environments.

Accountable to: Executive Minister



Worship Service Coordination

●       Function as a specialist in the areas of music and creative arts, supporting all areas of ministry within the church.

○       Lead worship gatherings with the goal of energizing and equipping the congregation to express worship to God in an inviting atmosphere

○       Enhance congregational spiritual growth through the valuing and understanding of worship

●       Plan, design, and produce weekly worship services.

●       Function as primary worship leader for weekly worship services.

●       Recruit, train, equip, and direct musicians, vocalists, audio/visual technicians and creative artists in the production of weekly worship services and periodic special events.

○       Help artists grow in their own spiritual formation and worship-leading ability.

○       Special attention should be given to expanding the talent pool and providing opportunities for new participants to serve, always striving for diversity (generational, racial, gender, etc) in worship leadership to reflect the community in which we serve.


●       Utilize creative resources to create inspiring worship environments in adult worship facilities.

●       Facilitate the use of music that utilizes modern language — accessible to people with limited religious background — and appeals to attenders in our target audience: Families with young children living at home.

●       Work collaboratively with the preaching minister and other staff members to plan and execute engaging worship assemblies that highlight themes of grace, redemption and spiritual growth, in concert with themes of messages and message series when applicable.

●       Coordinate with ministry staff members and lead the efforts to inform the congregation of important next-step opportunities for service, community and spiritual growth. This includes creative digital and on-stage announcements in worship services.

●       Collaborate in planning special church activities/events involving worship and music (such as Christmas and Easter)

●       Plan and implement outreach events

●       Coordinate musical needs for funerals and weddings

●       Provide related support as needed in the production of all special events and other church activities.


Spiritual Influence

●       Participate in providing pastoral care for the Heritage congregation

○       Mentor others in their spiritual growth and walk

○       Show through example the need for prayer and other spiritual disciplines

○       Demonstrate a servant mentality at church and in the community

○       Teach how to bridge Sunday worship to a life of worship

●       Pursue continuing education opportunities as they arise, with budget approval

Additional Responsibilities

●       Additional duties may be assigned, based on the skills/abilities of the candidate, the needs of the congregation, and time available. Some examples might include member engagement and/or overall coordination of congregation communication/marketing.

●       Assist in the development of an annual budget for arts ministries and manage spending to budget.




●     The ideal candidate for this position would hold a college degree with emphasis in worship, ministry or music. Alternately, candidates with extensive instrumental and vocal music background and experience as a worship leader/volunteer will be considered.

●     The ideal candidate for this position is a vocalist and instrumentalist, with experience leading acapella and instrumental worship services. However, musical experience in other environments (choir, band, etc) could also contribute to a candidate’s qualifications.

●     Leadership abilities in order to build and strengthen various worship-related teams

●     Ability to assist in the development of an annual budget for arts ministries and manage spending to budget.