Thursdays @ 7-8:30PM in the Heritage parlor

The Landing is a safe place for students to come and share their struggles with trusted adults who are ready and willing to accept students as they are and would love a chance to walk through their journey with them. We live in a world that tells us that you need to be tough on your own, don’t show any emotion, and that you are all alone in your struggles.
But that’s not true! At the Landing, we allow openness and, most importantly, confidentiality. We want all students to feel the safety that it is ok to be vulnerable. The Landing is faith-based and uses a biblically-based curriculum. The curriculum is taken from the principles of the beatitudes that Jesus teaches from the Bible in the first book of the New Testament, Matthew.

What Does a Typical Night at the Landing Look Like?

We start off every night worshiping with our adult Celebrate Recovery group. We believe that it is important for us to worship God and that He is the one who gives us the strength to recover.

Connect Time
After worship, we will split off into our group (The Landing for Teens) and the adults will be down the hall. We will spend some time hanging out with snacks and drinks, and then do an activity that will help us to connect to the other members of the group. This helps everyone in the room get to know each other so that when it is time to break off into small groups, things won’t be so awkward.

Teaching Time
During the teaching time, one of our adult leaders will be speaking on different principles that Jesus taught. For example, one week might be on powerlessness and the idea that we cannot control our healing on our own. We need to be in community and need God to be able to fully heal. Another week might be on denial and how we deny ourselves full recovery by denying we even have a problem.

Small Groups
Finally, we believe in the power of small groups. We believe that every voice must be heard and that the best way to do that is for us to be in a small group community. Students will get into discussion groups with 2-3 other teens of the same gender and discuss the lesson or video that may have been shown.


FAQs About the Landing

Is The Landing for me?
The Landing is for any teenager who has ever dealt with, or is currently dealing with, hurts from any area of life. That could include anger problems, drug/alcohol addictions, pornography addictions, depression/suicidal thoughts, friendship issues, parents/family issues, or any kind of abuse.

Will my parents have to know what I say?
The only time we will ever tell parents what is said is if a student talks about hurting themselves or another person. We are very strict about confidentiality and want all students to feel safe and welcome at the Landing. While we would highly encourage all students to talk to their parents about their hurts and also their road to recovery, we respect students wishes for what is said to remain in confidence.

Do I have to go every week?
While we would certainly love to have you every week, there is no sign-up or long term commitment required. We believe that the best path to complete healing is to remain in a strong community that is committed to one another and that holds each other accountable. We celebrate milestones of that commitment by giving out tokens that encourage teens on their road to recovery.

How to get Connected to the Landing:

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