Changing lives...
Sharing Joy...

What is Share The Joy?

Share the Joy is an opportunity for Groups, Classes, and Ministries at Heritage to touch the lives of our community by direct outreach to someone in need.

Who will it help?
Your friends and neighbors. Share The Joy is intended for local people in our immediate area.

 So, this isn't for foreign missions?
Nope. It’s for the people that live and work right here in our part of the world.

How does it work?
The basic math is: Your group (50%) + Share The Joy (50%) = Lives touched
Let’s say that your small group is meeting one week and during the prayer time you share abouta co-worker that is having a difficult time. Seems that they have a child that needs a wheelchair due to an injury and like many folks they are already stretched to the max financially. It dawns on your group that they can help these people! If the wheelchair costs $400 then the group would commit to one-half of the project ($200) and then apply to Share The Joy for the other half ($200). Now you have the $400 to buy the wheelchair!

What do you mean by “apply” to Share the Joy?
To make sure that the money is used in the best possible manner each request will be reviewed by a small committee. Their job is to make sure that the need fits the requirements of the program and that the money is distributed in a timely manner.

Does this replace the Benevolence Ministry?
No, it supplements it. Now, instead of people coming to us with their needs we will have people in the community looking for needs.

Will this change lives?
Absolutely. It will change the lives of those who receive funds from Share The Joy and it will change the lives of those who give in partnership with it.

How do I apply?
Click here to apply.