Road to resurrection


Here’s what your kids can expect…

Road to Resurrection is a two-week Easter event for children. 
Unique experiences for kids each week with two identical Times to participate - 9:00 or 10:30AM

Palm Sunday (4/14/19)
Triumphal Entry: Jesus and a mini Donkey will enter the streets of Jerusalem (aka. Our Children’s ministry hallway)  and start our morning.  We will greet Him just like the very first time in jerusalem. 
Passover Meal: We will also learn about the different elements of the Jewish Passover meal and why it was a tradition among Jewish people.  It was also the last meal Jesus had before he went to the cross. 
Prison:  We meet a prisoner named Barabbas, and he is not a great person.  He is in prison for killing someone else.  He will tell about how one person will be released from prison and it comes down to him and Jesus. 

Easter Sunday (4/21/19)
The Cross: A Roman Soldier, who is sitting off by himself, talks with the kids about the mistakes he made a few nights before.  He hasn’t slept in days and wishes he would have done everything differently.    He sees that the man on the cross is not just a man, and he is heartbroken.  He asks the kids to pray with him.
The Joyful Road: Jesus is alive.  The tomb is empty, Jesus is no longer dead.  
Celebration!!  WE Celebrate Jesus and How He has restored our relationship with God!!!!

It’s going to be a great couple of Sundays! We’ll see you then!