core values

  • We believe the best chance to lead future generations into a thriving relationship with Jesus is when parents partner with the church to combine spiritual influences.

  • We believe regular participation in a small group provides the best opportunities for people to connect to one another and make long-lasting friendships

  • We believe people are far more likely to make long lasting friendships if they are in circles rather than rows

  • We believe every person, whether they are just hearing about Jesus or they have been a Christian for many years, has a next step towards a deeper relationship with Christ

  • We believe the best way for people to grow spiritually is by connecting to God, one another and purpose

  • We believe the best way to reach people for Jesus is to invest in friendship first, then invite them to hear about Jesus

  • We believe we should do whatever it takes to lead people into a thriving relationship with Jesus

  • We believe people are lost without Jesus and that God loves every person no matter where they have been or what they have done