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George and Jan Cunningham


George and Jan Cunningham have been attending Heritage/Midtown for over 30 years, beginning when their children were just infants. They have two children, Angela, born in 1981, and Christopher, born in 1984. George is the owner of an insurance services and marketing company and his wife is employed in the health insurance field.

You will usually find George at the southeast entrance to the auditorium on Sunday mornings before both worship services, and Jan in Room 18 with the little ones until just prior to the first worship service. You will also findher back in there during Bible Class time where she works with children that are old enough to walk, but younger than two.

George also co-teaches a class with Phil Laster for adults during the Bible Class period.  They both enjoy the family atmosphere of Heritage and are so thankful for the many friends they have made over the years there. George has been a shepherd at Heritage/Midtown since 2000.