In a congregation of several hundred, you can only know so many people "up close and personal." A care group is a place for anyone and everyone to belong - where church is people, not just a place.

The groups meet to study, discuss, reflect, and share life experiences and needs, group members develop a sense of belonging, a sense of family. The small group is the place where everyone is needed. It's a place to share joys and hurts. It's a place to discuss learn, a place to share ideas. It's a place to bring prayer requests, and a place to pray for those requests. It's the place to be together face to face and heart to heart.

A regular, weekly care group is the place where there are those who'll watch out for us, miss us when we are absent, check on us, care about us, pray for us. It's the place where each one is needed and significant, where everyone is indispensable. It is the place to be an integral part of the Body of Christ, a member of the Family of God.

It is really difficult to accomplish this sense of "belonging" while meeting only in large groups, where we can almost be anonymous to each other. So, the care group becomes vital as the place to belong, "where everyone knows your name." It's church on an "up close and personal" level - people loving, serving, teaching, worshipping, and praying with one another. 

For more info about groups or if you need help finding a group, contact Jim Hackney at 817-741-0499 or email him