Gr8 Groups

Most small groups at Heritage Church of Christ are called “Gr8 Groups” and involve each group committing to meet eight times in the fall and eight times next spring.  Most groups historically meet more than eight times during those two seasons but it is believed a commitment to meet eight times would be adequate to help connect people with one another.  Groups will be provided with sermon based small group questions for each week of the year.  Or a group may choose to use any one of a number of studies offered and provided by the Small Groups Ministry.  Participants may remain with a group for only one season or they may choose to reup their involvement with that group for the next season.

Groups may choose to meet in one home or multiple homes or even at the church building during these eight meetings.  They may choose when to meet each time including what day (or night) of the week and what time.  Traditionally most groups meet on Sunday.  Some will meet for lunch or even in early afternoon.  Others will meet that evening.  Fellowship is a very important component of small groups as well.  Each group can decide if they want to eat together each week or occasionally.   An optional component some groups find helpful is to choose to serve in some capacity or some project. 

A regular care group is the place where there are those who'll watch out for us, miss us when we are absent, check on us, care about us, pray for us. It's the place where each one is needed and significant, where everyone is indispensable. It is the place to be an integral part of the Body of Christ, a member of the Family of God.

An “Eight Is Great” small group can begin with as few as four or six people.  In fact, “eight is great!”    But more is fine as well.  If you would like to be in a group for the first time or even if you would like to change groups please complete the form in the link below. 

For more info about groups or if you need help finding a group, contact Jim Hackney at 817-741-0499 or email him